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Ozone Destructor

  • Ozone Exhaust Destructor
  • Ozone Exhaust Destructor
Ozone Exhaust DestructorOzone Exhaust Destructor

Ozone Exhaust Destructor

  • ozone exhaust destructor
  • ozone oxidation reduction device
  • ozone exhaust gas decomposition device
  • ozone exhaust gas processor
  • Product description: MINSTRONG ozone tail gas destructor can be used to treat high and low concentration ozone gas. It has the advantages of easy disassembly and assembly, built-in heating, and is not easy to corrode. It
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Minstrong Ozone Exhaust Destructor Material

The shell of ozone exhaust destructor is made of SU304 material, which is very strong and resistant to ozone corrosion, and can withstand the use environment of -40℃-500℃.

Minstrong Ozone Exhaust Destructor Catalyst

Minstrong ozone exhaust destructor use Minstrong own produced ozone decomposition catalyst. The catalyst does not contain volatile substances and combustible components, and can treat ozone with a concentration of up to 200mg/L, the ozone concentration in the outgoing gas is less than 0.1ppm,  eliminate ozone Smell, the normal service life can reach 1-5 years.

Minstrong ozone exhaust destructor adopts a detachable structure. After the catalyst expires, the user can purchase Minstrong catalyst separately and replace it by himself. Minstrong will provide free replacement instructions.

Minstrong Ozone Exhaust Destructor Specification

Minstrong ozone exhaust destructor has a wide variety of conventional specifications, ranging from 100mm to 500mm in length and 20mm to 110mm in diameter. The connectors can be quick-connect connectors, pagoda connectors, threaded connectors, etc., and filters of other shapes and sizes can be customized.

Minstrong is a professional catalyst research and development manufacturer. The conventional catalysts are 1.1mm cylindrical, 3mm cylindrical, 5mm cylindrical, 9mm cylindrical and granule 4-8 mesh. We will select the appropriate catalyst specifications according to the customer's pressure conditions.

Minstrong Ozone Exhaust Destructor Delivery

Due to the wide variety of specifications, most products can be shipped within 2-7 days, and the delivery date for special specifications needs to be negotiated separately.

The ozone exhaust destructor adopts vacuum and shock-proof packaging and will be delivered to customers safely.

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