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Copper Oxide Catalyst

    Copper Cupric Oxide CuO Catalyst

    • copper oxide powder
    • copper oxide granule
    • copper oxide pellet
    • copper oxide flake
    • Product description: MINSTRONG Copper Cupric Oxide CuO Catalyst uses a chemical synthesis method to produce active ingredients, and each process parameter of the synthesis reaction is precisely controlled. The catalyst do
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    Cupric Oxide Brief Introduction

    Cupric oxide, chemical formula CuO, is a black oxide of copper, slightly amphoteric and slightly hygroscopic.

    Copper oxide is mainly used for making rayon, ceramics, glaze and enamel, batteries, petroleum desulfurizers, insecticides, hydrogen production, catalysts, green glass, etc.

    Cupric Oxide Parameter

    Cupric oxide CAS


    Cupric oxide EINECS



    6.36.9 g/cm3

    Molecular weight


    Molar mass

    79.5454 g·mol^-1

    Melting point



    99% min


    Powder, Flake, Particle Granule, Pellet

    We have powder, flake, particle granule and pellet type for different application.

    Cupric Oxide Packing

    General Packing: 30KG/50kg in iron barrel with plastic lining;

    Three-layer composite kraft paper bag plus PVC inner bag;

    Packing based on user's needs.

    Cupric Oxide Delivery

    For quantity below 20 tons, we can deliver the catalyst within 7 days.

    Shipping Port: Guangzhou/Shanghai/other port as request

    Air transportation, ocean transportation and railway transportation are available.

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