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Hopcalite Catalyst

  • Hopcalite Catalyst
  • Hopcalite Catalyst
  • Hopcalite Catalyst
Hopcalite CatalystHopcalite CatalystHopcalite Catalyst

Hopcalite Catalyst

  • High Specific Surface Area
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • High Quality
  • Safe And Reliable
  • Product description: MINSTRONG Hopcalite Catalyst can be used to handle high and low concentration carbon monoxide gas. It has the advantages of high specific surface area, high effective content, safety and non-toxicity.
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Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Description

Hopcalite is a mixture of copper and manganese dioxides used as catalyst to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide when exposed to the oxygen in air. Hopcaliate also is widely used in dealing with ozone O3, VOC and other industrial waste gas.

We have Powder, Particle Granule, Pellet, Honeycomb type for different application.

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Technical Data

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Technical Data

Mn and Cu Mole Ratio

2.2:1 – 3:1

Mn and Cu Effective Constituent

80% min


60 N/cm min

Specific Surface Area

≥240 /g


0.75(±0.5) g/ml


Powder, Particle Granule, Pellet, Honeycomb

Note: technical data can be customized as your request.

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Advantages

1)  Manganese dioxide 60% to 99%

2)  Professional services and competitive price

3)  High performance, long protection time
3) Annual output: 10000MT

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Packing

1. General Packing: 30KG in iron barrel with plastic lining;

2. Packing based on user’s needs.

Drying agent moisture absorber used with Hopcalite catalyst under some circumstance is available.

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Sample

In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample by express air courier after mutual communication.

Minstrong Hopcalite Catalyst Delivery

Quantity below 2 tons: 7 days after we get the advanced payment or original L/C

Thank you for your patient reading! We welcome your inquiry.

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